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Question If my flat is constructed in 1987 and my primary door faces North, is my flatprosperous?
Solution From the 12 months 1984 to the 12 months 2003, any residence or flat that sits at the south and faces the north and has the principal door at north has a very good Fengshui house till the 12 months 2003. But the outside topography will also play a component in the own family’s fitness and wealth. However, if, the residence or flat have also been checked through a Vastu & Feng-shui grasp, then this gives them more advantageous fulfillment.

Question Can I have a fish tank in my living room for wealth and achievement?
Solution No. A fish tank cannot be located wherein you want., it isn’t always beneficial to
Have a fish tank in your living room. Please take a look at with a certified Vastu & Fengshui
Master earlier than setting a Fishtank inside the residence.

Question am I able to hang a metallic wind chime inside the house?
Solution It isn’t advisable to grasp metallic wind chimes in any sectors of the residence as certain sectors can appeal to spirits to your private home when you vicinity them there. Please take a look at with a qualified Vastu & Feng-shui master for placement of

Query My workplace table is contrary to the principal door is it accurate or terrible?
Answer The desk need to never be contrary to the door because the power coming in as soon as the door is opened, will harm you. Subsequently, it is better to have the door at a nook of your workplace room if feasible. Also, the table needs to not be such that your return is closer to the table.

The question I have a crimson coloration paint within the mattress room is it good.?
Answer The crimson color is a detail of the fireplace and it makes a person very competitive and horrific tempered. Continually use mild colors in the bedroom.

Query Is it important to check the FENG-SHUI and Vastu of the residence earlier than
Buying or after shopping for. ?
Answer it’s miles beneficial to get the residence audited via a qualified Vastu & Feng-shui grasp earlier than buying so that there is no need for any major changes to be executed in a while. But if you have already got a house and you are residing in it then too it’s equally important to get it to investigate through a certified Vastu & Feng-shui grasp who will manual you with his knowledge on how to keep the energies within the house proportionally balanced therefore offering you with a better quality of existence and more suitable success.

Query How can Vastu & feng-shui cure bad energies and sell
Answer Vastu and Feng-Shui can surely cure terrible power and promote happiness. These historical and precious sciences purpose at generation,
Accumulation and go with the flow of high-quality strength through the accurate placement of objects
And balancing your own home or keep with the assist of diverse treatment plans, symbols and
Treatments ( crystals, wind-chimes, pics .. And many others ) for this reason selling happiness.

The query I want to the region an air-circumstance in my room since the summer season
Is coming near, wherein shall I deploy it?
Solution An air conditioner is a fireplace detail as it runs on electricity therefore the
Quality placement is south and southwest but it can be placed in most right electricity

Question Do Vastu and feng-shui simply paintings or is it only a mental
Answer yes. Vastu and Feng-shui are not a farce however technological know-how. The regulations of Vastu and Fengshui are fact and laid down many thousand years in the past. And you may be surprised to recognize that as according to The Ramayana the whole metropolis of Ayodhaya turned into designed and constructed via MANU the main architect of that point in complete conformity as in step with the principles of Vastu-Shastra.
Vastu-Shastra additionally has references in the length of Gautham BUDDHA and also the ROMAN EMPIRE.

Question Are new houses better than older houses?
Answer A newer residence is constantly taken into consideration better because it has no beyond occupants. The result is much less persistent strength of past occupants. These are just multiple benefits of the more modern residence. However, numerous older houses still have good energies, even higher than the brand new homes in view that most new houses
Are not build as in line with VASTU.

Query Whats the great color to paint for the outdoors of a residence?
Solution every path has an element and its corresponding color. If the external shade were painted in keeping with the path of the house and its detail then this would show the efficiency and enhance the overall luck of the house.

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Query what is the suitable vicinity for preserving secure/cash inside the house
Solution North is the perfect place to maintain cash and valuables within the residence.

Question How do I am getting started?
The answer you may sincerely check in at our site www.Realacres.Com and provide us with all your information and we can fix up an appointment with our Vastu Fens-Shui consultant

Mr. AMIT LAMBA will visit your place and do a complete Vastu assessment.